Ducit Materials

Innovation in Technical Textiles

Tarpaulins, Pond Liners and Crop Covers

Our Tarps and Pond Liners are used overseas for multiple other applications as well, including Crop Covers and Geo Textiles to help prevent the shifting of the soil.

Melt Blown Fabric

We supply high quality Melt Blown Fabric (BFE 99.9% at 0.3 Micron) for N-95 and N-99 Masks.

Medical Textiles

We are currently working on our product range for this segment.

To know more about our products, speak to our representative Mr. Rakesh Damani, his contact info is given below.

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Rakesh Damani

+91- 9833931220


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Address: Office B-41, Ground Floor, Cotton Exchange Building India Ltd Cotton Green Railway Station, Avenue 3rd. Boundary Road, Dattaram Lad Marg, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400033